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Telemetry Control Systems

Product Level Control offers a variety of telemetry control systems; custom-equipped and preprogrammed for complete site control. Experienced in integrating and programming numerous telemetry controllers with SCADA capabilities, including the development of our own SiteLink II™ controls package, we meet your individual project goals for the best possible value.

  • SiteLink II™
  • EOS
    • ProControl B with ProView Software
  • Autodialers
    • Sensaphone 1104
    • Sensaphone 2000
    • Sensaphone 3000
SiteLink II™ System

Uniquely tailored to meet the demands of soil and ground water remediation projects, Product Level Control designed SiteLink II™ to accommodate a real need for project managers to reliably monitor and control their remote sites.

SiteLink II™-users benefit from reduced O&M costs and maximized run-time. Our customized programming and unique alarm features allow project managers to continuously track system status; troubleshoot alarm notices; remote-restart on-site equipment; and make immediate adjustments to vacuums, equipment sequencing, operating times, and more simply via their office PC or laptop.


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  • Simple, point-and-clink Windows®-based programming
  • Preprogrammed to individual site requirements
  • Manages multiple sites with one software program
  • Observes real-time system operation 24/7
  • Produces daily statistical log files showing total cycles, run time hours, flow rates, and more
    • Imports to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets
  • Tracks alarm notices with immediate user notification
  • Features remote troubleshooting capabilities
  • Remote system restart
    • Includes automatic resettable motor starters
  • Contains electric O&M information for site equipment


  • Reduces site visits
  • Maximizes runtime
  • Anticipates maintenance needs and/or equipment problems
  • Tracks project performance
  • Saves time and money
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